Our responsibility

    We have a long history of tradition, heritage and a respected brand. In today’s global economy it is impossible to operate as a global player without considering how we act on a personal and corporate level. Haltermann Carless takes this responsibility very seriously and, whilst we are in business to be profitable and grow, it is not acceptable that we do this at any cost.

    We have clear ethical standards aligned to the business. We support staff empowerment and have clear goals, objectives and standards that help deliver our strategies in all our businesses whilst considering how best we can minimize our impact on the environment and keep all our employees safe.

    Haltermann Carless is committed to compliance with all safety, health and environmental laws, regulations and guidelines.

    “We want everyone to stay safe while they are working on any of the sites of the HCS Group. We want our businesses to be successful and to ensure this happens we must pay full attention to the safety of the people, plant and equipment at our sites. We operate in a highly regulated and hazardous industry, the safety of individuals, and indeed the safey of the business, is fundamental to how we operate and what we do.” –  CEO, Dr Uwe Nickel


    Health & Safety

    We’re committed to ensuring all our activities are carried out in a safe manner. We operate in a highly regulated industry and must comply with specific legislation targeted at hazardous installations.

    This includes the Seveso III Regulations (Control of Major Accidents & Hazards Regulations (COMAH), Federal Water Law, Emissions law (TA Luft) and Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR). Every production facility is regularly audited, not only internally, but also externally by third parties, customers and perhaps most importantly the Regulators.

    The Harwich production site and the Stanlow production facility have achieved the externally verified Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System (OHSAS) 18001 standard. The system consists of a number of key elements and is supported by a pro-active management style that encourages staff involvement and engagement. All other manufacturing sites are following the principles of the above standard and developing their safety management systems through ongoing improvement programmes, inspections, audits and reviews.




    Haltermann Carless and its employees recognise that they have a key role to play in the management of the environment, not least in the meeting of the legal and other external requirements which relate to environmental impacts. The major manufacturing and blending plants are all certificated to the externally verified BS EN ISO 14001 standard and the larger facilities are also certified to BS EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management) Standard.

    Our company has a documented environmental management system (EMS) that enables review of its environmental performance. This allows continuous improvements throughout its operations to be made by setting and reviewing clear objectives and targets. Additionally, employee awareness and understanding is raised by regular briefings covering topics such as emissions to the environment and setting goals and standards for environmental performance.